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Do you need monitoring?

We understand that deciding to get your Security System monitored is not always an easy decision. Monitored sites are considered non-soft targets. Statistics have shown that damages and losses are less for premises that are monitored. We've compiled this information sheet to help you understand what monitoring is, and to provide you with the best information to help you make a decision.

What is monitoring?

Monitoring (Back-to-base) means your Security System is connected to a monitoring centre, manned by security professionals. Depending on your system, it can be connected via your phone line, internet, or mobile phone network. The monitoring centre will then monitor your property, possessions and staff or loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will provide you with peace of mind and also ensures that no matter where you are, if a situation arises, you can be assured that it will be managed swiftly.

Back-to-base Monitoring

Who will monitor my system?

Alarmzone offer alarm and video back-to-base monitoring via our monitoring partner BENS Wholesale Monitoring P/L. We use BENS as they are a trusted name in the Australian Security Industry with Grade A1 accreditation.

What gets monitored?

For your home or business
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Duress & Panic Alarms
  • Smoke Alarms & Fire Panel Faults
  • System & Detector Faults
  • Low Battery & Mains Fails
  • Tampers
  • Medical Alarms
  • Communication failures
Additional Services for Business
  • Medical & Nurse Call Alarms
  • Hold-up Alarms
  • Late-to-Close Alarms
  • After hours Entries
  • PSTN Line Failure
  • Offlines

What is a graded monitoring centre?

When it comes to securing your home or business, you should always choose a reliable and accredited monitoring centre. This is also significant for insurance purposes. The better Alarm monitoring centres in Australia are accredited with a grading set by Standards Australia - a peak standards body recognized by the Australian Government. The physical security of the Monitoring centre is graded A to C, ‘A’ being the most secure and resistant to attack. The level of service and procedures is graded 1 to 3, ‘1’ being the highest. Our monitoring partner, BENS, is a certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centre. This is the highest security grading defined by the Australian Standard AS2201 set by Standards Australia.

Who is BENS?

BENS is an Australian owned and Australian run back-to-base monitoring centre. They have been active in the security industry since 1994. They place a high emphasis on customer service; making sure a real person answers the phone (no automated voice systems). They also offer a suite of web services that allow you to monitor the events at your site, as well as create reports and much more. For more information about BENS, visit their website .

IP Monitoring

The next level of back-to-base monitoring is IP Monitoring. It allows for more frequent communication to your alarm system to provide better protection for your site without the communication costs. It is commercial grade monitoring for your home, or improved and more cost effective monitoring for your business. Learn more about IP Monitoring Services at the information page here.

Getting Started

If you are interested in adding back-to-base monitoring to your home or business or have any further queries, please get in touch with us.

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