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What is IP Monitoring?

IP Monitoring is a specific form of back-to-base monitoring that uses the internet for communication rather than making a call (to learn about back-to-base monitoring go to our information page here). It is the latest and best form of back-to-base monitoring communications.

What exactly is IP?

Warning, geek talk! IP stands for Internet Protocol, the communication language used by the internet. IP monitoring is back-to-base monitoring using the IP over the internet to communicate between the alarm system and the monitoring centre. This can occur via your local network (wifi/ethernet) or over the mobile phone network (GPRS). It is the quickest and most cost effect communication method available.

IP Monitoring Services

What are the advantages for my home?

A typical back-to-base monitored home only contacts the monitoring centre when an alarm is triggered and for weekly testing. Your monitoring centre is never aware of whether or not your security system is turned on, it may not even realise it has stopped working for an entire week (as it only tests weekly). This setup is the industry standard for homes due to the costs of making a phone call every time the system is used.

IP monitoring uses the internet for communication and no longer incurs call costs when communicating with the monitoring centre. This means we can communicate more information, more often, providing business grade features and services without the costs. Using IP monitoring the monitoring centre can now monitor who enters, when they enter, and can even alert you if someone forgets to turn on the security system. It also means, testing can be done more regularly, daily, hourly or every few minutes. Together with our online web services, you can see what is happening at your home live. This is full service monitoring.

Full service monitoring is also useful when you are going away for the weekend or on holidays. If your security system is not turned on, the monitoring centre can let you know. Feel at ease knowing that your home is protected.

For a slight increase over normal back-to-base monitoring costs you can upgrade to full service: IP monitoring, commercial grade monitoring for your home. With all the mentioned benefits of this service, we feel it is definitely worth your consideration.

What are the advantages for my business?

IP Monitoring offers business grade back-to-base monitoring without all the communication costs. Commercial, Industrial and Government sites perform daily tests, as well as monitor for secures and unsecures. Each alarm event, secure, unsecure and test signal is a call to the monitoring centre. Depending on the activity on your site, these costs can begin to add up.

Using IP Monitoring, all these communications can occur over the internet and the communication costs to the monitoring centre no longer become a factor. Daily tests can become a thing of the past, we can now monitor the communication path of the security system for any issues hourly or even every minute.

The slightly higher fixed cost but reduced communication costs means most business sites will end up in front with the added advantages of having a better level of monitoring.

Better protection, reduced communication costs, IP Monitoring is the smarter choice for your business.

Getting Started

If you are interested in IP monitoring to your home or business or have any further queries, please get in touch with us.

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