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Video Services

Aside from local CCTV systems, we also offer catchClip a leading edge cloud based video product.

About catchClip

  • It uses HD IP cameras to record video when there is movement at your site and sends it to the cloud for safe storage
  • The video clips can be viewed from your smart phone or via the web
  • You can add as many cameras as your site requires
  • It's capable of integrating with your alarm system and can be triggered to record then where is an alarm, or an event from an alarm device
  • It can be monitored back-to-base
  • It works independently of a local video recording system, but you can attach a NVR (network video recorder) if required
  • Unlike other products, it completely maintains the network security of your site

Cloud Storage Video Service

  • When a video is recorded, it is immediately sent to the cloud for storage
  • You will receive a notification on your phone, and can view the video clip from your phone
  • You can also view the videos via the web
  • Storing video in the cloud means that it will never get lost. In the event of an incident at your site, the video cannot be damaged or stolen.

Monitored Video Service

  • catchClip can be monitored back-to-base
  • Monitored catchClip videos will be sent immediately to the cloud and the monitoring centre will be notified
  • Professional security operators can review the video footage and then act on the event on your behalf

Getting Started

If you are interested in catchClip services for your home or business or have any further queries, please get in touch with us.

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