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Access Control Systems

Access control systems allow selective restriction of access to a site or particular resource. Alarmzone can install, service and maintain a select number of access control systems. There are two main types of Access Control available: stand alone systems and integrated systems. Listed is a few of the more common products on the market. More are available upon request.

Integrated Systems

These types of access control systems can be integrated with the alarm system at your site. Alarmzone offers the following range of integrated access control systems.

Bosch Solution 64 & 144

Bosch provides you with a choice of access control user interfaces including internal or weatherproof external proximity readers, keypads with built-in proximity readers, or for a higher security option, biometric fingerprint readers.

  • Control features including Holidays, Date/Time and Day of the Week Schedules
  • Easily manage employee access and arm/disarm functions of the security system
  • Allows for timed arming of access points

The Solution 64 integrated access control system allows up to 10 access doors or proximity readers which is good for small commercial installations.

The Solution 144 allows up to 16 access doors or proximity readers which is ideal for mid-sized commercial installations.

Inner Range Concept 4000

The Concept 4000 integrated access control system is perfect for small to large residential and commercial sites.

  • Control features including Date/Time and Day of the Week Schedules
  • Easily manage employee access and arm/disarm functions of the security system
  • Allows up to 99 keypads or card readers
  • Allows for temporary access tokens (useful for visitors)
  • Lets you arm the alarm system with your key card

DAS/GE Tecom Challenger

The Challenger access control functionality is distributed across multiple devices for additional reliability.

Access control features include: Door interlocking, nested anti-passback, dual custody, lift control, card and PIN, time and attendance, disabled user access, multiple card format support and macro logic functionality.

Stand alone Systems

These access control systems do not require an alarm system at your site, and will work independently of any existing systems. Alarmzone offers the following stand alone access control systems.


Rosslare offers a number of access control products and accessories for commercial and industrial security and control solutions. Features include harsh environment and all-weather systems, biometric integrated readers, video enabled access control panels and much more.

For more information, visit the Rosslare Access Control products page .


NESS offers a range of access control solutions for both indoor and outdoor devices suitable for home and commercial applications. Devices include key cards, key fobs, biometric fingerprint scanners and more. These products are supported by true web based application software to manage the system.

For more information, visit the NESS Access Control products page .

Getting started

Access control systems are customisable to the design and needs of each and every site. All of these systems offer a wide range of products to cover different conditions, applications and budgets.

Trudging through the wide range of solutions and devices can become overwhelming, we know theses systems, let us do the work for you.

To get started, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff so we can assist you in designing the best solution for your site.

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